The second beta of Gamer’s Dice is now available!

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The second beta version of Gamer’s Dice is now available for download. This will be the final beta before the official 1.0 version is uploaded to the Palm App catalog. I have a list of improvements and additions to Gamer’s Dice that didn’t make it into this version so there will continue to be updates after version 1.0. As usual, I look forward to comments and suggestions for upcoming versions of Gamer’s Dice.

If you have already installed Gamer’s Dice (Beta) on your phone, go to the app catalog on your phone to update it. This new version changes the way preferences are stored, so it is advised to save any Favorites (copy and paste into Notes or Email) and then delete them from Gamer’s Dice before updating. Your Favorites can then be copied back after updating.

If you are new to Gamer’s Dice and are interested in beta testing my first webOS app, go to the Gamer’s Dice web page at and enter your email address to sign up for the Gamer’s Dice mailing list. Once you verify that you would like to join the mailing list you will automatically receive an email with a link to the Gamer’s Dice download page. So download it, give it a try and let me know what you think!

Thank you for your support!

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