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I play a lot of board games and usually the player who goes first is chosen randomly. Rolling a die or Rock, Paper, Scissors are popular ways of doing that. At one game night a player pulled out a little die cut metal pointing hand, placed it on the table and spun it to determine who went first. I thought it was a handy (pun intended) little thing to have, but decided to go one better and create a virtual spinning hand in an app. And that’s how Spin For It was born.

The original app was written for Palm’s (and later HP’s) webOS phones and was written in JavaScript. The second iteration was written in C# for Windows Phone 7. There are project pages for both versions of Spin For It on this site.  Now I’m working on a third iteration using the Enyo 2 JavaScript framework so that the same code will run on multiple device platforms.

I played around with an Enyo 2 version of Spin For It a while back, but didn’t go far with it. However, two recent developments prompted me to take another look at my Enyo 2 Spin For It. The first development was getting Open webOS up and running in VirtualBox and the second was getting a Nexus 4 Android phone to replace my aging Windows Phone 7 phone. I wanted something simple that would show off an app written with Enyo 2 running on different devices with different screen resolutions and operating systems. I also wanted a new version of Spin For It for my new phone, but didn’t want to invest in learning Android development in Java just for a simple app. So, after tweaking the code a bit to resize the pointer based on the screen size, I was able to get it working in both Open webOS and Android by running my app through PhoneGap Build to package it up for Android and copying the application folder over SSH to /usr/palm/applications on Open WebOS running in VirtualBox.

Spin For It still needs some work to get it up to the level of the previous webOS and Windows Phone versions, but it’s workable as-is and my interest has been renewed in adding the features from those previous versions. I’ll create a project page for it once it’s farther along. Meanwhile, I have put the source code up on GitHub.


Screen Shots:

Open webOS Spin For It running in VirtualBox
Open webOS Spin For It running in VirtualBox
Android Spin For It running on a Nexus 4
Android Spin For It running on a Nexus 4


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