5 Minute Hack: Turning my GameHäus Cafe day pass stickers into refrigerator magnets

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Last Thanksgiving we went to visit my sister and her family in the Los Angeles area. While we were there we went to GameHäus, a board game café that some friends from my old LA gaming group opened a little over a year ago. A small cover charge gets you in and where you can play games all day. They have about 1000 titles to choose from or you can bring your own. They also have a food and drink menu with the best pie you will ever eat.


(From left to right) Hannah, Lia, Mac, Pauline, Nico and me

When you pay the cover charge you are given a sticker to wear to show that you paid for the day. After our day of gaming and pie eating, I hung onto our stickers because I wanted a memento of our visit. To turn them into something more permanent I mounted them on adhesive magnetic sheets I bought at an art supply store. The adhesive on the back of the stickers wasn’t as sticky as it was originally after picking up lint from having been on our clothes so the adhesive on the magnetic sheets helped create a secure bond between the sticker and the magnetic sheet. It was just a matter of cutting the magnetic sheet into squares that were just a little larger than the sticker, placing the sticker on the adhesive side of the sheet, then using a metal ruler and hobby knife to trim off the excess magnetic sheet.


The newly-made magnets


The completed magnet on our refrigerator

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