Gamer’s Dice for webOS


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Gamer’s Dice is an electronic die roller for your favorite games. Roll up to 20 regular 6 sided dice or choose from several other popular die types used in many role playing games and board games.

Gamer’s Dice keeps a history of the most recent 100 rolls and can group rolls with totals.

Your most used die rolls can be named and saved so they can be rolled with the tap of a single button. Actions based on the result of the die rolls (such as displaying messages, playing sounds and rerolling dice) can be assigned to saved rolls.

Gamer’s Dice features die roll sounds and dice can optionally be rolled by shaking your phone.

NEW IN V1.1.0:

  • -Tap the space bar to roll the dice
  • – Type in die rolls (up to 999d999+999) using the keyboard (Tip: Any non-numeric character can be used instead of ‘d’ making input easier when NumLock is on.)
  • – Favorites and History lists extend to the bottom of the screen.

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