Thought Bubble for Android

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Let everyone know what you are thinking with Thought Bubble. Type a message or choose one from a fully customizable list of thoughts. Then hold your phone or tablet up to your head to show what’s on your mind. The words of your message are automatically sized to fit perfectly inside a thought bubble on your phone’s screen.

  • Tap the down arrow next to your thought bubble message to save it to a list of thoughts to be used later.
  • Tap a thought message in the list to use it in your next thought bubble.
  • Long press on an item in the thought list to remove it from the list.


Screenshot_2014-05-31-22-36-44 Screenshot_2014-05-31-22-36-55 Screenshot_2014-05-31-22-37-02

Thought Bubble on Google Play

Thought Bubble source code on GitHub

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